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Mini Cabinet pot

Conforme prometido, aqui fica o novo post da Paula Pascual sobre como fazer um cubo para colocar lápis ou canetas, utilizando o cortante da Sizzix Mini Cabinet Card (657206). Esperamos que gostem!


Saturday, 12 May, 2012 
Today I am sharing how to make the little pen pot using the Mini Cabinet Card die.

As the Mini Cabinet Card is a Magnetic Movers and Shapers die you will need either the Base Tray or the Vintage Cabinet Card to die cut it. Both Base and Vintage Cabinet card dies are designed to be used in combination with the magnetic movers and shapers dies, they just add the right amount of thickness for the magnetic dies to work. Remember the magnetic dies have exactly the same power of cutting as any other Bigz dies but with the added value of being able to cut within a shape in one go.

Take a piece of double sided patterned paper that measures 6 x 12″ approximately.
Then score it at 2 1/2″, 5″, 7 1/2″ and 10″.

Once folded it should look like this, all the scored line parallel to each other. I like to use My Mind’s eye papers for projects like this one as they offer just the right amount of thickness for scoring, folding and gluing. 

To die cut it in perfect place (centred) secure it with low tack tape. It is important to make sure that the scored lines are in parallel to the edges of the die.

Once die cut, it should looked like this.

Trim off the rounded tab at one of the ends.

Score all the way down at the bottom of the rounded tabs.

Score all the way where the pips are, just about 1/4″.

Make a V cuts where ever needed for a perfect fold.

Fold all scoring lines.

And glue together by glueing one end (the one with no rounded top) inside the other end.

Cut two pieces of 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ for the bottom of the pot.

Attach one of the bottoms to the pot from outside and let it dry.

Position the other square inside the pot. Trim off a tiny fraction if necessary.

Glue the side flaps for a more neat finish.

And here you have both boxes together.
I hope you enjoyed it!

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